Augmented Reality

architecture in ar

AR | Experience design | Branding | Video Editing

Architecture is site-specific with each building telling a different story, whether that be social, political, environmental, or economical. This augmented reality experience leads people to understand the Water Temple model in a new way through the power of narrative. It allows you to see a backstage view of the inspiration and desired function for this speculative bathhouse. This is a collaborative project with architect Michael Min to transform his model into a unique and immersive experience.


When architecture students show their work in public, it is hard to know how people interact in the building, how inside looks like or what is the story behind the building. Also, it is hard to imagine 3D space out of 2D floor plan drawings.

Station 1

Environmental issue/ background story

First station introduces environmental issues about the sight, and suggests designer's inspiration for designing Roman bathhouse.

Station 2

Inside view of bathhouse

Second station reveals the rendering of the bathhouse. It has audio guide when the users explores and explains concept behind this building.

Station 3

Shows how people interact inside

Third station shows how people can differently interact in the bathhouse by tapping each button.