Service Design


UI | UX | AR | Design Research | Branding | Video Editing
Group members: Julie Lee, Michael Sawyer, Yang Hong, Yuan Gao

Artventure is a service that brings recognition to public art by connecting the viewers and makers through augmented reality. The viewers can learn about existing public art and vote or donate towards upcoming projects.

Archetypes – Makers

The makers are essential to any public art project and have many difficulties throughout the process.

Who They Are

The Maker is a person who is passionate about using their skills to improve public spaces through art. They can either be professionals or volunteers who are motivated to make positive impacts and improvements in the community.

Concerns and Challenges

• Finding work
• Getting funds
• Organizing groups

• Legal factors
• Weather and climate

Archetypes – Viewers

The second archetype were the viewers. Although the challenges they faced were different than the makers, it became evident that there was a lack of recognition of public art projects.

Who They Are

The Viewers are people who enjoy spending time outside in open public spaces. They sometimes notice public art and sometime share their experience with their family and friends.

Concerns and Challenges

• Safety and comfort
• Friendly community environment  
• Art that they can interact with

• Taking photos
• Responsive art installations.

Journey Map – Makers

Once the archetypes were identified we summarized their journey in a map highlighting possible design opportunities through pain points.

Journey Map – Viewers

The viewer’s journey map had a much simpler process and outcome. The most interesting finding was that many people did not notice public art, yet enjoyed the area and environment that it created.


Once the research and interview notes were analyzed and visualized, we found four major insights, two of which established the design opportunities.

Insight 1

The process of completing a public arts project can take a long time because of funding and legal factors. It becomes more fluid when there is a team of motivated people who understand the process beforehand, have different connections with the community or institutions.

Insight 2

Public art can transform a place into a safer area, bring communities together and spread positive impact.

Insight 3

People will more likely to participate in the preparation and making of public art if they can see the progress of the project or the details of the project.

Insight 4

Public art itself lacks recognition. Many viewers do not pay attention to the art itself but enjoy the environment the art site brings.

How might we address the process and recognition of public art?


Start exploring with designated routes.

Artventure offers walkable routes for those who would love to have an easy exploration and a quality adventure.

Scan and learn about the story behind a public art.

The AR camera recognizes public art pieces and offers related information when it is pointed to an art piece or an Artventure sticker.

Share your reactions with the community and express your creativity.

Through the AR feature, you can post 3D stickers around artworks and see the stickers other users posted at the same location.

Preview pending art pieces at location and make your opinions count.

You can browse the 3D models of pending art pieces when you're at the location. You can also compare different models and vote for your favorite one.

Make a donation and get a reward.

You can be a donor for an upcoming public art piece by making a small donation. In exchange, you will also get an art-related reward!

Service Vision Story

Still confused about what Artventure does? This video will explain the major steps and touchpoints we designed through our service.

Service Blueprint – Viewers

Once the archetypes were identified we summarized their journey in a map highlighting possible design opportunities through pain points.

Service Blueprint– Makers

Through the entire process it was important to not only consider the viewer, but also the makers and the systems that would need to exist in order to generate the content and connect both groups of people.


This website introduces our service with coherent system. The makers can sign up and submit their proposals.